Picture Colour... Day 3: Changing of the Guard

There is a certain, subtle way that color is born in nature. Although sometimes it seems like one day you wake up and there is color everywhere you look, in fact, it takes a lot of time for the growth and change to take place.

As you observe the kind of change that turns one color to the next, look for a way to capture the transition, as one color is being revealed by another. Focusing on this magic will leave you in awe of the miracles happening all around us.

Changing of the Guard

I spent part of this day at Fisherman's Warf in San Francisco with two of my fabulous coworkers. We had a great time wandering around. I spotted a fruit stand, and hoped to find something for the prompt. Luckily there were some lovely strawberries!

I wish I had focused the camera more on the area where the strawberry is changing color. I need to work more on widening my depth of field... I'll just have to try again once the strawberries start making an appearance in Ontario.