Picture Colour... Day 6: White on White

 But white can be tricky to capture effectively in a photo, especially when it's sharing the frame with another color. The darker the second color, the harder it can be to expose your frame for the white and still get the details of the dark, or vice versa.

When you shoot white on white, it's easier to expose the white in a way that isn't "blown out" (aka losing all detail of the white). As you seek out something in heavenly white today, you might have to play with exposure to get the effect you want. Don't be afraid to adjust your dials to get what you're after.

Note: Light can help give shape to your white subject today. In my case, the only way to really capture this lovely texture of the yarn was to use sidelight (my sliding glass door was to the right) to help with a subtle casting of shadows. Beyond exposure, play with different lighting scenarios to make your white pop.

In like a lamb

This is a picture I took back in March, but when I read the prompt I knew this was the picture to use.