Picture Colour... Day 7: Colour Me Yummy

 Have you ever noticed how much color there is in the kitchen? Whether it's cooking utensils and appliances, labels or the food itself, the kitchen can be a playground of color. Don't let kids have all the fun with popsicles and rainbow sprinkles…allow yourself to partake in all the delectable treats that bring the yummy to your tummy!

What's the yummiest thing in your kitchen (color-wise)?

Color Me Yummy 2

I didn't used to like asparagus. I always thought of it steamed and limp. Gross. Then last summer James cooked it on the BBQ, with a little olive oil and salt, and I was in heaven. 

I love the green when they have been peeled and are ready for cooking (above). But I also love their naked-ness when they are ready to be peeled (below). I couldn't decide on a picture, so I chose both.

Color Me Yummy 1

I think I'm going to have to invest in some plain white plates just for my food shots. I keep being distracted by the blue and green stripe on ours...