Picture Colour... Day 8: Punctuation Mark

Sometimes, you don't really notice all the color around you. And other times, you just can't miss it! Noticing and appreciating color often depends on where that color is and what it's surrounded by. Today you will search for that punch of color that cannot be denied.

Look around you today and watch for the punctuation mark of a color that inspires and delights your eyes. 


Its always funny when I tell the girls what I need to take a picture of each day. They often have crazy suggestions. For this prompt, I was told I should take a picture of a gift bag, socks, a giant picture, and some random piece of paper. Not bad ideas, but not what I was looking for.

I was out side with them and they were playing with the neighbours making necklaces. I asked if I could borrow some of the beads, and came back inside to shoot them. And as I'm walking into the living room, the cats toy was kicked out from under the table and landed in sunlight. Voila! Inspriation was born.

I still took the bead pictures, and they're up on Flickr. I'm not going to waste a good prop!