The New Baby

Before we left on vacation, the family had decided that we would look for a new cat when we returned. Ok - the girls and I decided that we would look for a new cat. I did some looking while we were away, but nothing really worked out. On Friday morning, right after we were back, I looked at the Cambridge Humane Society's website, and they had kittens. And one spoke to me - yes, it spoke to me across the interwebs. We picked up the girls from the sitters, and went to look at her right after work. We loved her right away.

James, the girls, and I had a family meeting over dinner to decide what to call her, and we named our new girl Pasha. She is a 9 week old Torti kitten, and she is a very happy and playful girl. She tollerates the girls picking her up and carrying her about, but it is hard to get them to stop when Pasha is purring so loudly.

She has settled in just fine, and the other two cats are dealing with our new addition. Mango was fairly growly at first, but has completely mellowed. Morgan did lots of sniffing, and is now just generally annoyed when Pasha tries to attack her tail - which is all the time. She does sleep, though, which is a nice break for them.