Bosphorus Cruise

Well, the cruise today wasn't much to write home about. Some of the views were nice - passing under the bridges between Europe and Asia, the mansions and the fortresses. There were a lot of pushy people trying to protect their seats, and I was easily annoyed today. We sailed up the Bosphorus Straight to a small town on the Asian side called Anadolu Kavagi. We had lunch at a fish restaurant, which I didn't like at all, wandered around a bit and then had ice cream. Things started to get better after that - good seats on the boat, a wander though the Spice Market again, and a bit more shopping. James and I topped the day off with a nice dinner at a restaurant right around the corner from the hotel, and then gave a nargile (a "hooka" with Apple flavored tobacco) a try - fun and interesting. So the day started off rough, but ended well.

James - not much to add today. I did enjoy diner tonight, we had clay pot kebab which was a stew baked in a clay pot sealed with dough and then cracked open to serve.