The Last Day

This morning we finally got into the big attractions that we have been walking by to get everywhere else. First up was Hagia Sophia which is an astonishing piece of architecture. The interior in literally stunning and the scale is hard to grasp even when you are there. For a thousand years it was the largest dome in the world which is statement to the genius of it's design. Next up was the Basilica Cistern which is a huge under ground water storage from the Byzantine era. It is mostly empty now and interesting to visit to see the pillars that were used to support the roof which were scavenged from various Roman buildings. Then it was across the park to the Blue Mosque which was certainly impressive but was missing the elegance of the Suleiman Mosque and did match the Hagia Sophia in grandeur. We did a quick tour of the hippodrome (not much there anymore) and had lunch and finished up some shopping before heading over to Asia for dinner.

We took the ferry over to the middle class neighbourhood of Kadikoy. We got to wander through a market that is actually used by locals instead of tourist. After a nice diner we stopped at a cafe for kup griye, a ice cream Sunday with caramel sauce and crushed candied almonds. We got to see the skyline lit up on the ferry ride back which was a nice way to close things out.