Reading with the girls

Along with her nightly 'home reading' from school, James and I have been reading various novels to Eowyn. We each read a different novel with her, a chapter at a time, as part of her bedtime ritual. Many times they are her novels (Roald Dahl, Rainbow Magic books, or Geronimo Stilton), but James and I are starting to pick the novels we want to read with her. James and I took turns reading her The Hobbit this winter, and she really loved it. It was good prep for the upcoming movie. :)

Last week, I started reading Anne of Green Gables with her. I remember reading it as a girl, but I don't remember much about the story itself so I get to rediscover it as we read. It is great reading these books that were important to us, and sharing our love of reading with her. Sometimes it's hard to tell if she is paying attention through the narative, but then she will ask a question that shows us that we shouldn't worry. 

In the past couple of months Kiera has started having us read novels to her as well, but we are very much in the beginning stages so the books are short and uncomplicated for her. I'm afraid that Eowyn is going to get all our favourites, and we may not want to read them to Kiera so soon. I guess we'll have to keep a reserve of favourite novels for Kiera...