Sazak Beach

Today was a great day. I have a feeling that James and I are going to say that a lot, so I'm going to say "today was a great first day".

Our hike start in the town of Adrasan (where the hotel is) and we hiked about 10km to Sazak Beach. The first half was tough for me - mainly up hill; but what goes up must come down! We made it to the beach and it was beautiful. The only people on the beach were the hikers, so fairly secluded.

A boat (guluk) picked us up at the beach, and took us on a trip to some other secluded beaches. We had lunch on the boat, and did lots of swimming. One of the good things about this exclusion was that we got to meet a bunch of the other hikes at the hotel. It's nice to socialize a bit in the evening. The highlight for me was swimming in the Mediterranean, and drinking my tea while swimming.

James' comments: Wow! What a wonderful day. The walk was great lots of different scenery including views of the Mediterranean and even a section the looked almost like we could have been on the Bruce Trail. I loved having fresh fish right on the boat for lunch but Jan wasn't to keen on it, particularly since the heads were still on ;-).

The view into Adrasan
The view into Adrasan