Kekova and Myra

Our history lessons began today with a trip to Kekova and Myra. Kekova was a large town that was struck by an earthquake in 141 AD. Most of the town was destroyed when it sank into the Mediterranean. We went on a boat tour of the site, where you can still see the walls of the home and buildings, but there are walls under the sea that are clearly visible.

After the boat tour, and we had another 12km hike to another small town, and and it was hell (my words, the not James - although I'm sure he thought it was by the time we were done, practically having to drag me up the final bit. It was extremely hot today, and there was pretty much no shade along the trail. But it's done. Thank god.

After the hike, and we had a short drive over to the town of Demre, where the Myra Site is located. This Site has a huge amphitheater that they are re assembling. It also has tombs that are carved into the side of the mountain. This was amazing to see.

I'm taking tomorrow off from hiking, and plan on lazing by the pool and maybe having a nap. James, however, is going to climb Mount Olympus to say hello to Zeus.

James' comments: The history today was great but I think Jan has that covered so I will talk about the hike. It was very different then yesterday's hike without any Bruce Trail-esque bits to be found. We started out through a "meadow" which apparently grows heather in the spring but now at the end of summer appeared more like the surface of Mars than anything else. Then we follow a number of rocky paths around a headland and inland. It really did feel very middle eastern today.

Tombs at Myra
Tombs at Myra