Olympos and the Chimera

Another history lesson today at the town of Olympos. It is a ruin that the Turks are working on rebuilding. It was very interesting to see the baths, the amphitheater and their necropolis. Tons of photo opportunities here, so I was in Heaven. This is my kind of walking, and and I could do it all day!

The ruins ended at a beach where we went swimming before taking off on a hike to see the Chimera flames. We didn't swim long because of the fish that were nibbling at our toes. After our swim, and some lunch, we set off for the flames. The first hour was walking along an asphalt road, and it was good walking but very hot - 33 degrees today.

The walk up to the flames was about 1km of stars - uneven and big stairs. There are two levels of flames, and I made it to the first level, and then turned around and walked back to the bottom. James carried on and continued the hike to the restaurant that was the end point of the hike. I took a taxi there instead.

The restaurant was at a fish Farm where they served us lots of cold drinks, delicious mezes (Turkish tapas), and a wonderful meal. Dinner took us about 3 hours, but it was great to sit around and chat with the other hotel guests - everyone at the hotel was on this hike today.

James - Another fun day with a mix of history and hiking with some good food tacked on at the end. Jan covered the big pieces. After she headed back down I carried on up the upper flames then over the mountain and up to the restaurant. It was a nice walk although there wasn't much exciting along the way. The meal was excellent and apparently and authentic meal for the area. My fish kept looking at Jan with it's head that was still attached.

 Ruined wall at Olympos with Lycian windows.

Ruined wall at Olympos with Lycian windows.