A Day at Sea

We decided to spend our last day on Seref's boat, so our day went something like this:

- Lounge on a boat, and watch the coast go by.
- Swim in a bay and look for rocks.
Lounge on the boat.
- Swim. Watch James jump off a high rock into the sea.
- Eat lunch on the boat.
- Lounge.
- Swim through a cave and get picked up on the other side by the boat. Amazing to see the brilliantly lit turquoise water. I wish we had taken an under water camera to capture how bright and clear the water was.

We lounged and swam in a couple more bays before heading in to the hotel.

What a great week. We met a lot of great people from the UK, Australia, and even Canada. We went on nice hikes, saw amazing scenery, and even related! Now It's on to Istanbul!

Yes, the water really is that blue.
Yes, the water really is that blue.