Topkapi Palace and the Hamam

Wow - what a fantastic day. We were up and eating breakfast today by 8:30 so we could get to the palace before the hordes. My Disney training is working well! We toured around the palace and spent a while wandering though the harem. The whole place was beautiful, and there were so many spots with cushions for lounging, and windows to gaze though. Maybe being part of the sultans harem wouldn't be so bad...

Now the hamam... It was very relaxing. The steam room was very hot, and it wasn't long before you are sweating profusely. Then a lady comes along and starts scrubbing you. Then comes the heaps of bubbles, and more washing. After a nice oil massage we left the hamam feeling very relaxed. I could get used to this...

James' comments - It was fascinating to tour the Topkapi Palace and get a glimpse of the splendour and opulence of the Ottoman Empire at its peak.

The hamam (a.k.a Turkish bath for those of you that have not been researching Turkish vacations for the last two years) was an interesting experience. I am not a spa and massage kind of guy but it was interesting to feel that I was experiencing a tradition of the Ottomans, in a location that has been a bath house for almost 500 years.

Part of the Topkapi grounds
Part of the Topkapi grounds